Choice in Schooling

Choice in Schooling 

Conservative Australians is committed to choice in education and to supporting legislation that provides an equitable distribution of funding to both public and private schools. Additionally, we will investigate funding options for home schooling families.

We recognise, respect and affirm the right of parents to choose a school for their children in which values that align with their own are affirmed and promoted.

We recognize, respect and affirm that some families may wish to home-school their children, and should be able to do so without Government criticism or intervention.

Wherever possible, Conservative Australians supports the creation of community-based schools or transfer of public schools into community ownership, so as to minimize state interference in the operation of schools.

It is harmful for the government to demand that every child remain in school until they finish year 12.

It is stupid to keep some children at school when they clearly are not enjoying it. Young people should have the option to enter the workforce and pursue their dreams. The world rewards skills, not education. Young people should be allowed to develop the skills they want for their career.

We support giving local school autonomy: giving school principals and school council’s freedom to appoint staff and make decisions around school development projects.

The 2011 “Building the Education Revolution” (BER) is a case in point where centralised bureaucracies delivered appalling value for money, whereas projects managed locally delivered good outcomes.

Conservative Australians supports all forms of education that encourage innovation, technology adoption, entrepreneurship and exploring the sciences and productive arts. Australia’s future depends on continuing innovation and growth of the knowledge economy.

Key Points: 

  • Conservative Australians believe in a ‘back to basics’ approach to education.
  • We believe in the importance of reading, writing and maths as the foundation of learning.
  • We need to unclutter our school curricula back to when student achievement was higher.
  • We believe in the importance of children understanding the values of Western culture.
  • Education is a state government responsibility and Conservative Australians support limiting Federal funding to the provision of a universal student voucher system.
  • We support the removal of all political indoctrination from the curriculum.

Back to basics approach

 The early years of education should concentrate on the basics of reading, writing and mathematics. These are the foundations for a child’s learning career. We understand the value of unstructured, voluntary play, particularly outdoors, in developing healthy well-adjusted and resilient young people.

Secondary education should focus on developing a child’s fact-based knowledge, critical thinking and conceptual and analytical skills whilst preparing them for a productive adulthood.

Our children need their school curricula to be rationalised and de-cluttered back towards what they used to be when student achievement was higher. This could free up resources and school cost structures to invest in rewarding better teachers and performance, or lowering tuition fees.

Conservative Australians support the return to tried and tested methods of teaching.

 Western values

Conservative Australians respect and acknowledge the importance of Western civilisation in the development of Australia and establishment of our civil society. Every Australian child must know what underpins our enviable way of life.

Exposure to Western literature, music and art is essential for any child growing up in Australia.

No more political indoctrination

Educational institutions are now used as a way to channel political propaganda on our children (such as the discredited ‘Safe Schools’ and ‘Respectful Relationships’ programs). We believe such indoctrination is wholly inappropriate for a school environment and are committed to their removal.

Higher education

Universities must be made financially accountable for the educational outcomes they provide. They have an obligation to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to secure jobs in the field of their study. We support increased choice and competition in the higher education market.

Vocational education

We support vocational education programs that are successful in getting young people into jobs. We support changes to apprenticeship programs – including allowing industry to play a larger, more pivotal role in giving and tailoring courses at vocational institutions – to better align training with the needs of apprentices, their future careers, industry and the Australian economy.

We support treating apprentices and trainees as students and the principle of income supplementation whilst training to provide a supportive earning and learning environment.