Climate Change

Conservative Australian’s position is:

Climate change has been occurring since time immemorial.

Many hundreds of eminent scientists have strongly criticised both the ‘climate change doctrine’ and the predictions made by the
International Panel on Climate Change. Claims that ‘there is a scientific consensus’ and ‘the science is settled’ are not true.

Additionally, we also believe some of the severe denialist agendas can also be off the mark.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, it is plant food. The more crops can get of it the better they grow. Despite 10 years of static
agricultural land supply, 2014 yielded the greatest grain crop on record.

Carbon dioxide has had no discernible influence on the world’s climate in the past and there is no reason to believe it should in the future.

The use of the phrase ‘putting a price on carbon’ is misleading and highlights either the ignorance or deception of those who use it.

Since Australia’s Peak contribution of 1.41% in 1999 & 2001, by the end of 2017# we were only contributing  1.16% of total global CO2 emissions, an almost continuing reduction since 2001, a drop in the ocean considering the massive and growing  rates of some other major populous countries.

As the UK experience has shown, the economic impact following the introduction of the European Emissions Trading Scheme
cannot be accurately predicted by so-called ‘economic modelling’ (e.g. the Stern Report did not predict the doubling of electricity
prices or the abandonment of investment in new power stations).

The impact of such a scheme on Australia will be felt most by Australia’s families and pensioners, as electricity prices could rise
by up to 20% as a consequence.

Low income people could not afford the capital cost of participating in photovoltaic (PV) solar panels or similar schemes, regardless of government subsidies from taxpayers, so governments ended up subsidizing just the middle and upper classes with the capital cost of acquiring them. This is unconscionable, and can not be resolved through a tax and compensation scheme. This only churns money and continues to pick winners.

In summary, Conservative Australians believes that due to Australia’s just over 1% contribution to Global CO2, Australia is better placed to pursue, and become a leader in Climate Adaption opportunities and technologies, that can help the rest of th eworld while potentially creating even more ‘Green Jobs’ in Australia while seeing Australian businesses grown and prosper as we export our achievements to the world.