Disability Support

“Placing one foot in front of the other, I’ve climbed to higher lengths. Reaching beyond my own limitations, to show my inner strength. No obstacle too hard, for this warrior to overcome. I’m just a man on a mission, to prove my disability hasn’t won.” (Robert M. Hensel)

For many who live with a disability there is a daily struggle to be fought and won. This struggle comes in many forms – the struggle to move, to see, to hear, to express our wishes or endure debilitating pain – these are just a few of the limitations some citizens face on a daily basis. At Conservative Australians we are committed to policies that provide opportunities for all citizens, including those with a disability, to live with dignity and achieve their potential. Our policies include:

  • A policy of inclusion which establishes a fundamental right to supported access to education, employment, medical care and housing for those who are unable to live independently as a consequence of their disability.
  • A commitment to the expansion of medical and therapeutic early identification and intervention services focused on disability in unborn children, infants and young children in order to provide disabled children with the very best opportunity to lead full lives.
  • A commitment to the development of new information and communications technologies that can improve quality of life for people with disabilities.
  • Introducing legislation to ensure tax deductibility for the cost of medical aids and equipment necessary to enable those with an assessed disability to fully participate in securing or undertaking work or further education related to employment.
  • Providing appropriate levels of financial and respite support to carers who provide significant care and assistance to family members and others with a disability to enable them to live within their own home environment.
  • To provide education, development and workplace incentives that will attract increased numbers of well qualified staff to care for people with profound disability thereby providing improved levels of care and alleviating current shortages.
  • Allowing people with a disability to seek employment on terms and conditions that suit them, allowing them to opt out of 2,000+ pages of workplace regulation to secure employment.
  • Supporting the wheelchair-accessibility modification of 100% of public transport.