Energy and Electricity

Australians deserve the most reliable and affordable energy in the world.

With electricity generation, we are technology-agnostic but subsidy-averse.

We support safe nuclear power like a liquid salt thorium power generation industry.

We support all forms of electricity generation and will provide them with legislative certainty and legal protection.

We do not support any renewable energy only targets.

We will remove all taxpayer and cross subsidies to electricity generation.

We will require all electricity supplied to the grid to be useable – that is, predictable and consistent in output (kWhrs) and synchronous (at the required 50 Hz range).

We will allow market forces to provide the most efficient power generation available.


Australia should have the cheapest and most reliable electricity in the world. We have world-scale and world-class
coal, gas and uranium reserves. Yet our electricity sector no longer reflects that.

Conservative Australians are open to any form of electricity generation, and will provide legislative certainty for
a balanced ongoing use of fossil fuels. We will remove the barriers to building more dams for hydro-power and clear
the way for a safe nuclear power industry.


Australia should also have the cheapest and most reliable gas supply in the world.

We will support landholders’ rights to allow gas production on their properties, and to a reasonable return for that
access and extraction, to help ensure there are sufficient quantities available for our domestic and export markets.

Renewable Energy and Climate Change

Australia produces less than 1.2% of global CO2 emissions. Even if our emissions were reduced to zero, it would
make no perceptible difference to the climate.

Ideological obsessions with uneconomic renewable technologies to meet unrealistic emissions targets to
prevent ‘climate change’ have made our energy unreliable and expensive. Targets and subsidies for renewable
energy distort the market and disadvantage consumers.

Conservative Australians are open to renewable energy as an option for electricity generation but we oppose taxpayer and cross-subsidies to support it.

Conservative Australians will scrap all taxpayer and cross-subsidies for electricity generation and allow market
forces to determine the best outcomes for Australian consumers and business.