Immigration & Citizenship

  • Immigration to Australia must be in our economic, social and cultural interest.
  • Migrants should contribute to Australia and repay welfare through the tax system.
  • We will withdraw from the UN Refugee Convention if we are forced to resettle those who arrive here illegally that do not fall within our broad profile Australian interests test requirements.
  • We will reform all classes of visas and the processes used to obtain them.
  • Termination of permanent residency and changes to requirements for citizenship in relation to the Australian interests test.

Australian interest

Immigration must provide a positive benefit to Australia’s economic, social and cultural interests.

Current immigration levels are too high, putting pressure on services, infrastructure and family incomes.

We will immediately halve our current net immigration intake which will result in our population and big cities growing at a more reasonable and manageable rate.

Conservative Australians will lock national immigration numbers in with advance service and infrastructure provision builds in States and Territories, to ensure the historic chaos, overcrowding, congestion and lack of services does not happen again.

Contribution to Australia

Migrants must be committed to making a positive contribution to Australia. Welfare payments will be limited in scope and duration to better encourage migrants to participate in our workforce, become a regular taxpayer and be self-sufficient. Those settled in Australia should contribute to our economy, not be welfare-dependent.

Refugees and illegal arrivals

We will withdraw from the UN Refugee Convention to allow Australia to determine its refugee intake free from external constraints if we are forced to resettle those who arrive here illegally that do not fall within our broad profile Australian interests test requirements.

Australian Conservatives support our world-leading offshore processing and illegal boat arrival turn-back

policies. However, all determinations of visa applications will take place within Australia.

Visa reform

All visa applications from identified high-risk countries will take place within Australia.

The family reunion stream is misused and we will legislate that family members may only be brought to Australia if those members are declared at the time of the initial visa application. (some exemptions will be made available in specific circumstances)

We will also critically examine the student and temporary skills shortage visas to ensure they work in our national interest and are no longer open to misuse or abuse.

Termination of residency and changes to citizenship

Permanent residents will be subject to ongoing character tests, and permanent residency will be withdrawn in the event of significant criminal conduct, either within Australia or overseas. This includes going to unsanctioned conflicts as a ‘foreign fighter’ or actively co-operating with Australia’s enemies.

Foreign-born dual nationals travelling to proscribed zones like Syria (currently) without prior approval will have their Australian passports revoked.

Residency withdrawal will be extended to include family members who entered Australia under the same visa application as the individual concerned.

The residency requirement to obtain Australian citizenship will be extended to ten years. Applicants must have paid income tax (net of all government welfare) for at least seven of those ten years in order to qualify.


Conservative Australians supports strong border protection. The 21st century global migration challenge is a significant one, and treaties fail to address the modern challenges. The events of the migration crisis of the 2010’s demonstrate the consequences of weak border protection policy, including social disintegration and cultural upheaval.

Australia must support and invest in a safer migration system that ensures, in particular, that two types of migrants are accepted into Australia in increasing number:

  1. Economic migrants who can provide the skills Australia needs to meet its future challenges; and
  2. Persecuted people who, beyond reasonable doubt, face death or serious harm if they return to their home countries, but who are also people who will integrate into Australian society and respect & support Australia’s heritage, Morals and values.

Conservative Australians will support calls to reasonably increase the annual refugee intake, subject to the two types above. This in conjunction with the advance provision of infrastructure and services by States and Territories, in consultation with the Australian Immigration Department and Minister.