Law and Order

  • The rule of law is a fundamental building block of civil society.
  • Australian law should apply to all Australians and people in Australia, regardless of circumstances.
  • We believe in a strong criminal justice system whose primary focus is community safety.
  • Australia needs a realistic approach to the challenges of radical ideologies.

Rule of Law

The rule of law is a pillar of Western civil society, including the key principles that:

All Australians are subject to the same laws, system of justice and punishments

No group of people is to be given special or preferential treatment, and

Those accused are entitled to a fair trial and presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Australian Law applies to all

Every Australian is equal before the law and no other, parallel, legal systems should exist. Further, we believe that sharia law or tribal law must not exist alongside Australian law.

Strong criminal justice system

Conservative Australians believe in a civil, respectful society, and that a strong criminal justice system is an

essential part of that society.

We support an adequately-resourced police force focused on targeting the criminal element, not law-abiding


We oppose revenue-raising measures that governments force upon police that are not genuinely

about improving community safety.

Our prisons must be focused on community safety and preventing future crime.

Judicial sentencing must reflect community standards.

Children must be protected from sexual or serious physical or psychological abuse and, as such, the sex

offender sentencing & monitoring, child protection and family law systems must all be overhauled and

constantly reviewed to genuinely put the best interests of children first.

We support a public register of convicted child sex offenders to protect families and children.

Respecting property rights

Western societies, to remain democratic and prosperous, must maintain property rights that are clearly defined, respected and enforced. We oppose property rights being curtailed or usurped through red and green tape effects, and certainly without prompt, fair and just compensation.

Realistic approach to Radical Ideologies

Radical Ideologies pose increasingly significant challenges to Western democracies, and Conservative Australians will engage in a rational, honest and realistic appraisal of Radical Ideologies in Australia.

We do not consider most Radical Ideological specific laws to be compatible with our democratic values, institutions and freedoms and do not support suspending or amending Australia’s legal system to support Radical Ideological practices.